The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is back in its Winter Edition

From August 20-29, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s Winter Edition will see 150 events ranging from workshops and demonstrations to live music, food tours, family friendly eating extravaganzas and signature events that will bring together some of Australia’s finest chefs.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is back in its Winter Edition. From August 20-29, the Winter Edition of the festival will run at the Queen Victoria Market with over 150 events.

The melbourne food and wine festival
The 150 events that will run for the 10 days in August will see an enormous range of gastronomic delights.
Image courtesy Marcel Aucar

The events, both ticketed and free, will range from workshops and demonstrations to family friendly food celebrations. Some of the notable events with free entry include The Remixed Grill – two days of 10 Australian chefs whipping up wood-fired delights, campfire stories, live music and talks by guest chefs; The Big Spaghetti – featuring a celebration of pasta, with 20 great pasta dishes across 10 stalls; a pop-up, The Convenient Store – a retail space that will have a whole range of snacks from some of Melbourne’s leading eateries as well as cocktails from Melbourne’s favourite bars.

Among the ticketed events will be Maximum Chips – a celebration of the hot chip, with the ticket including a welcome drink, entertainment and unlimited chips; Welcome to the Jungle – a plant-based eating and drinking extravaganza.

A highlight of the festival is The Signature Chef Series, which will bring together some of Australia’s finest chefs, including Paul Carmichael, Brent Savage, and Farida and Durkhanai Ayubi, among others, to cook at some of Melbourne’s favourite eateries.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our core Melbourne Food & Wine Festival programming to winter, and our festival home to Queen Victoria Market,” says said Anthea Loucas Bosha, CEO of Food + Drink Victoria, the not-for-profit parent company behind MFWF. “Across the Winter Edition, we’ll have 150 events across 10 days and across Melbourne we’ll be serving you more than 1,500 Martinis, 8,000 bowls of pasta and 200,000 hot chips. Now that sounds like a party. We’ll follow the Winter Edition with details on our dedicated regional Victoria program for late 2021. We can’t wait.”

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is supported by Victoria’s tourism and major events company Visit Victoria and principal partner Bank of Melbourne. Tickets and full programme details for the festival are available online.

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