One chef, one recipe: Thai mango salad by Chef Veena Arora

Veteran chef Veena Arora does a twist to the classic raw papaya salad by replacing the main ingredient with raw mango.

We’re all familiar with the flavours of Som Tam. The Thai green papaya salad is something that everyone inevitably orders at a Thai restaurant, along with the ubiquitous pad thai and red or green curry. But wouldn’t it be nice if there could be a nice, seasonal twist to it for a change?

What better person to ask than Chef Veena Arora? After all, when it comes to Thai food in Delhi, the first name that pops to mind is The Spice Route, the pan-Asian restaurant at The Imperial New Delhi which Chef Arora has helmed for years. This inventive yet simple recipe of Thai mango salad makes use of green mangoes which are in season now and which, thankfully, have a longer availability than ripe mangoes. So you can enjoy this easy-to-make salad for several months to come.

Thai mango salad


Melted palm sugar

Chilli flakes


Light soy sauce

Sliced onions

Mint leaves

Raw mango shredded


To the shredded mango, add peanuts, soy sauce, chilli flakes, sliced onions, mint leaves, palm sugar and mix nicely. And it’s done! Plate in a nice dish and enjoy. 

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