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Jack daniel's 10yo

Matters of the spirit: Notable whiskies of 2021

Our spirits connoisseur lists out some of the best whiskies to have hit the shelves in 2021. Amrut Spectrum Ashok Chokalingam is normally a quiet and reserved man, so when he starts…

Wild turkey 81 comes to india

Wild Turkey brings its latest variant to India’s bourbon shelves

As part of their global expansion, the iconic American bourbon brand has announced the launch of Wild Turkey 81. Fun fact: Wild Turkey’s origin story dates around 1940 when distillery executive Thomas…

Grant's masterclass on making cocktails

A Masterclass in the art of creating cocktails with Grant’s

Brush up on your mixology skills ahead of the festive season with Grant’s. If you’re a connoisseur of whisky cocktails or possess even a novice level of interest in premium whisky, you’ve…

Epitome reserve

Diageo’s Epitome Reserve

Diageo’s Epitome Reserve is India’s first-ever rice whisky. The small-batch craft whisky is made with grain sourced from Punjab and matured in bourbon casks in Goa. Only 2,000 bottles of the limited-edition spirit is available at launch.


The journey of scotch and single malt whiskies in India

India loves to drink whisky, as is evident in it being the world’s largest consumer. Akash Tomar from Diageo sheds a bit of light on how scotch and single malts have become so loved in India.

Glenmorangie laundromat

Glenmorangie colours whisky different

The new campaign looks to represent whisky in a much more colourful and inclusive way, inviting newer audiences to share in the brand’s vision.