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The best cherry blossom experiences

The best cherry blossom experiences in Japan and India

This spring, join us in the traditional custom of hanami as we travel to the two countries to witness the cherry blossom trees in their full majestic bloom. No other place in…


Kongthong in Meghalaya is nominated for UNWTO’s ‘Best Tourism Village’ title

Living up to its sobriquet of the ‘whistling village of Meghalaya’, Kongthong is famous for its ancient tradition of mothers calling their newborns by unique tunes, instead of names!  The little hamlet of Kongthong in Meghalaya recently made headlines for getting nominated for World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) ‘Best Tourism Village’…

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Meditations on Meghalaya

A land clothed in mist and clouds, the aptly named state of Meghalaya, is rich in natural beauty, geology, culture, and unique experience. Flip through our photo feature to get a glimpse…