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Okapi vegan kitchen tart

A vegan affair at Okapi

Okapi Vegan Kitchen in Aldona started as an experiment for personal vegan food self-reliance, but is now much sought after for its desserts, community dinners, farmer’s market and sustainability philosophy. One fortuitous…

The assorted bonbons at the blue gourmet are just some of the intricate desserts to look forward to!

It’s all ice-creams and bean-to-bar chocolates with The Blue Gourmet

Can ice-creams, chocolates, and desserts be as healthy as they’re indulgent? The Blue Gourmet’s plated dessert experiences and bonbons have a delicious answer. Rare organic ingredients, rich textures, and quality are some…

Rosette de leche is the new diwali dessert

A delicious Rosette De Leche is all you need

This recipe by Chef Himanshu Taneja is a surefire way to ensure your dessert is the envy of every other Diwali gathering. With all of India gearing up for Diwali, this festive…

Chanda chakata

The irresistible Chanda Chakata

Chanda Chakata is the no bake cheesecake from Odisha that defines the phrase “no one can eat just one”. Here’s a closer look at a sweet that is also a prasad for…

Peach cobbler

Of cobbler, crisp and crumble

When it comes to baked fruit-and-pastry desserts, the iconic pie isn’t the only game in town. Meet cobbler, the trail-modified innovation that has been the toast of many events—and variations Cobbler.  There is…

Ritz paris le comptoir

Ritz Paris Le Comptoir is now open

The new gourmet patisserie and tearoom from Chef Francois Perret looks to widen The Ritz’s appeal. Aside from having options that travel better, they are also more reasonable.

Rice pudding

Eat that sweet first!

Both ancient texts and modern studies agree that eating dessert at the start of the meal is part of best practices for healthy eating.