Song sung blue in Hoi An

The Karma Group has added an elegant property to its luxury resort portfolio. Karma Song Hoai is in the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage-listed town of Hoi An in Vietnam.
Karma Song Hoai, Hoi An, Vietnam
Watch the boats go by on the Thu Bồn river alongside. Image: Courtesy the Karma Group.

Karma Song Hoai is a sprawling property comprising 51 stylish suites and family rooms, each boasting private balconies and accompanied by a cluster of restaurants, bars, gyms, and even a spa. But we think the best part of the resort, even more than its host of amenities, is its spectacular location perched on the banks of the Thu Bồn river. Only one kilometre from the old city, where the architecture is a mix of French, Chinese and Japanese influences, it is perfectly situated to help you enjoy the complex splendour of this place. Apart from scenic beauty and historic monuments that abound, Hoi An is regarded as the culinary capital of Vietnam, as the food scene here is sensational. Plus, there are gorgeous beaches such as the pristine Cua Dai and An Bang­, just a 20-minute bicycle ride away from the resort.

Karma Song Hoai, Hoi An, Vietnam
Tropical colonial interiors of the cosy bar and lounge. Image: Courtesy the Karma Group.

Chairman and Founder of Karma Group, John Spence, proudly announced the news recently, “I am delighted to announce the acquisition of our latest property Karma Song Hoai. At the moment the resort is closed due to the pandemic, but we are very confident that we will be able to open in the near future and create another amazing experience for members and guests. I would like to thank all involved in this new resort, especially given the current complicated circumstances. Like many of you, I am looking forward to visiting this beautiful country again when the world begins to re-open, and I have every confidence that in the years to come this property will be a shining star.”

Karma Song Hoai, Hoi An, Vietnam
Spacious rooms and suites with inviting balconies. Image: Courtesy the Karma Group.

Interesting sights around Hoi An

My Son Ruins: Just on the outskirts of the city, is this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of a collection of incredible Hindu temples that were built by the various kings of Champa to worship the god Shiva from the fourth to the 13th century.  

The My Son ruins of ancient Hindu temples. Image: Courtesy the Karma Group.

The Golden Bridge: Social media has made this a big hit with locals and tourists alike. A cable car around the Ba Na Hills, will bring you to the Sun World amusement park where the bridge is located. A huge and magnificent hand emerges from the hills ‘holding’ the golden-coloured bridge.

The Golden Bridge is a must-click sight. Image: Courtesy the Karma Group.

Danang: This beautiful coastal town has some truly glorious white sand beaches! Club it with the golden bridge adventure or just go and relax with some local craft beer by the clear blue water for the entire day.

Marble Mountains: Only 30 minutes from Karma Song Hoai are the unforgettable Marble Mountains. The mountains are made up of five separate mountains, each representing one of the elements: Thuy Son (water), Moc Son (wood), Hoa Son (fire), Kim Son (metal or gold) and Tho Son (earth). The mountains are packed with shrines and caves for you to enter and also were home to a hospital during the Vietnam war.

Want more? If you love local culture, explore the Hoi An Museum, enrol for a lantern-making class, visit the Fujian Assembly Hall, and browse through the Hoi An Central Market.

Many fascinating facets of Vietnam to explore from Hoi An. Image: Courtesy the Karma Group.

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