SEESAW brings the best of global flavours to Jio World Drive

In sync with unique experiences at Jio World Drive, SEESAW offers the best of contemporary global cuisines on a plate for both you and your pets!
Seesaw's natural, earthy tones create a cozy environment for diners at jio world drive, mumbai
SEESAW’s natural, earthy tones create a cozy environment for diners at JWD, Mumbai

Delicious meets healthy, and balance meets innovation at SEESAW, one of the most anticipated culinary experiences at Jio World Drive, BKC, Mumbai.

Right off the bat, SEESAW’s pet-inclusive environment with a special curated menu for them is enough to draw you in. On top of it, the café serves familiar as well as unique flavors from across the world, and also boasts an easy take-away format for some of your favourite foods.

Spanning across an area of 1400 sq ft at the heart of the courtyard, the space is light and airy; the natural, earthy tones lend a distinct coziness. Tastefully designed – SEESAW is immediately comfortable and comes with a good view of happy shoppers at JWD. The alfresco section is open and inviting, perfect for an enjoyable evening with the cool winter breeze for company.

The menu at SEESAW is bold and balanced featuring global favourites with an innovative twist. Categorized into breakfast, small and large plates, flatbreads, and desserts, you’ll be sorely tempted to try at least one offering from each section. And an utter fool if you don’t! 

A millenial dream comes to life with seesaw's stunning buratta avocado sourdough toast
A millenial dream comes to life with SEESAW’s stunning Buratta Avocado Sourdough Toast

Chef Stephan’s many travels and culinary expeditions are echoed in the menu at SEESAW, and results in a diverse mix of delicacies. From the delectable buttermilk ricotta pancakes to unusual dishes like the signature scallion fan tuan, the menu is designed to delight. 

The small plates present an array of vibrant salads, tarts & toasts to the tastiest tacos. Of the Crispy Plantain Salad, Portobello Mushroom Taco, and Blistered Chicken Nam Jim Jaew, it’s a tough battle for the win, but a flavourful explosion with every bite. There’s a satisfying balance of crunchy and creamy, umami and tangy across all the plates, a sensory exploration for your palate as you wipe the plates clean.  

On the large plate end of the menu, there’s a delicious range of international offerings from hotpots to curries and bowls with intriguing offerings such as Chicken Yakitori Ramen or the Truffle Mushroom Hot Pot. While the ramen was certainly satisfying and appealing both visually as well as to the tastebuds, the Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli failed to impress. Overpowered by the miso mustard beurre blanc, it lacked enough of the promised roasted filling and tasted one-dimensional on the whole. 

The crispy plantain salad with corn mousse at seesaw,jio world drive bkc managed to single-handedly win dinner for us with its innovative flavours
The Crispy Plantain Salad With Corn Mousse at SEESAW managed to single-handedly win dinner for us with its innovative flavours

For those veering on the adventurous side of things, there’s also the Shrimp Chowder Curry and Grilled Chicken Nanban Poke Bowl, both promising comfort and well-seasoned mains that are totally fulfilling. 

Complementing the interesting menu, SEESAW’s drinks list features an impressive curation of wines, local beers on tap, spirits, and more. Their signature cocktails are neck-in-neck with their non-alcoholic offerings, cementing the culinary team’s knowledge of flavours like nothing else. With the friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff just a glance away, your drinks for the evening are in expert hands, should you trust them with some refreshing recommendations. 

Rounding off the meal, the desserts step up to the plate and deliver in a league of their own. Maintaining the luxurious experience for your palate, top-of-the-menu options like Cashew berry dacquoise or the Almond tres leches are perfect to satiate your sweet cravings. The Miso Brownie with cardamom ice-cream is another sumptuous and innovative take on the classic favourite. 

At seesaw, the small plates including the blistered chicken nam jim jaew are just one of several delicious offerings
At SEESAW, the small plates including the Blistered Chicken Nam Jim Jaew are just one of several delicious offerings

In a first of its kind, SEESAW also offers easy, wholesome, on the go meals that guests can pick up enroute to work or to sate themselves on a busy day. With a menu comprising salads, smoothies, bowls, and even desserts, it’s an entire delicious meal waiting to be picked up.

The true charm of SEESAW’s menu lies in its ability to be deliciously filling without the unpleasant feeling of being stuffed. Given their charmingly varied menu, this allows you to treat your tastebuds to a myriad of flavour profiles without having to roll yourself out the door. Add to that the company of some four-legged friends, and there’s no better setting to have a cozy meal! 

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