Redefining Diggi Palace, the heritage hotel famous as the venue for the Jaipur Lit Fest

Creative sales and marketing brand Khyati is aiming to bring more widespread recognition to the hotel and brand it just right.
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The 150-year-old Diggi Palace wants is looking to expand its existing customer base.

Diggi Palace in Jaipur is a well-known destination thanks to the Jaipur Literature Festival that has been held on the grounds of the hotel for close to two decades now. “You know the hotel as a destination but you haven’t experienced it for what it is and that is what we want you to do now,” says Rudra Diggi, the owner of Diggi Palace.

The 150-year-old heritage hotel with 70 luxurious rooms is owned and run by his family. To achieve this he has associated with Khyati, a creative sales and marketing brand that specialises in the digital space.

Says Varun Mehrotra, co-founder, and CEO, Khyati,The changes that we are striving to bring about at Diggi Palace are subtle and yet brand defining. We are trying to create a brand image of timeless history through its digital space, and social media and PR marketing strategies that aim to bring more prolific and widespread recognition to the hotel.”

Khyati’s aim is to make Diggi Palace one of the most renowned heritage brands in this part of the country, potentially increasing its revenue and marketing base.

While Khyati is a recent player in the digital marketing and branding space, and Diggi Palace is its first client, Rudra Diggi is pleased with their approach. “Khyati works from the backend, portraying us in a new avatar. They don’t want to change our product, just refine it a little bit instead of disrupting the existing image.”

Rudra says that they have always had long-term patrons. Guests who visit Diggi Palace every year for a duration of time. “That is our target audience. We don’t want to create a new customer base. We just want to expand the existing customer base.”

On its part, Khyati will provide a one-stop solution. “Our services are not limited only to digital and social media marketing. We will be helping brands with campaign strategising, visual content creation, revenue maximisation, content marketing and brand management, amongst others,” says Mehrotra.

Rudra believes all hotels have to figure out what is different about us and that is where Khyati comes in. “We are not new for the customer but the customer is new for us,” he explains.

Besides Diggi Palace, there is a centuries-old haveli in Diggi Village, close to Jaipur, that is going to be launched as a heritage hotel by the end of the year. The village, which is dominated by a 700-year-old fort, is still rather quaint. “It’s in a time warp. The village has an essence of how rural India would have been fifty years ago,” says Rudra.    

Mehrotra aims to curate the hotel as an exquisite destination experience to provide the true essence of Rajasthan’s history and culture.

So, how important are marketing and branding for a property? Mehrotra says that in the current scenario, it is very important to keep marketing campaigns that resonate with the on-going sentiments of people. Ride on the digital wave for effective communication and engagement with your target group. “It is essential to understand that content is king. And right now, the content is not just about showcasing the brand or the experience but rather being able to weave a tale.”

His aim is to curate quality content and focussed campaigns with visual appeal to attract both offline and online guests. “We want them to go 360 degrees in the digital universe.”