Nature’s Basket Cook-A-Thon: Brie with Caramelised Pear and Arugula by Chef Sushil Dwarkanath

Bengaluru’s favourite Culinary Educator from the Department of Hotel Management, Christ University, Chef Sushil Dwarkanath shares a vegetarian festive recipe for Christmas.

After his graduation from Bangalore University in Hotel Management, Sushil Dwarkanath joined the Taj Group of hotels as a Kitchen Management Trainee, specialising in Asian and European cuisine. His next stint was with Casa Piccola Euro restaurants, heading the group’s kitchens, to set standards for the functioning of standalone restaurant chains and kitchen management. In 2000, he joined Christ College, which became Christ University later, as a Culinary Instructor. He was the Head of Department from 2008-2016 and travelled quite a bit, in India and abroad, to learn about cuisine and culture. He comes with 21 years of experience in culinary education, training and mentoring young minds, inspiring them to be future leaders of the kitchen. In 2017, Chef Dwarkanath completed his Masters in tourism management. His interests include travelling, slow food, culinary education and food photography, kitchen consultancy, recipe refinement and experiencing and researching on regional food.

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Brie with Caramelised Pear and Arugula

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  • 200 gm Brie, cut into rectangles
  • 100 gm Sliced pear
  • 200 gm Sugar
  • 50 gm Butter
  • 50 gm Baby arugula
  • 50 gm micro greens
  • 1 sheet edible silver leaf
  • 1 box edible flowers


  • Slice the brie into rectangles and place on a plate.
  • In a pan heat the sugar to a caramel stage.
  • Add the sliced pear and coat it.
  • Take off the pear and keep till it hardens.
  • To the rest of the caramel add butter and make a sauce.
  • Arrange the brie on a plate and arrange the caramelised pear on top of it.
  • Garnish with arugula, micro greens, edible flowers and silver leaf, and serve.

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