Moonshine’s limited edition Salted Kokum mead rediscovers the sweet and sour flavours

Got mead on your mind? Experience a salted kokum twist to it with Moonshine’s latest launch!
Moonshine salted kokum mead
Moonshine’s latest Salted Kokum mead is the latest in a line of bold flavours!

In spite of being around for over three thousand years, mead has only garnered mainstream interest in the last few years. Thanks to co-founders Rohan Rehani and Vishwas, Moonshine gave Asia its first meadery and a newfound exposure to the old fermented honey drink. 

Closer to wine than beer, and ranging between 8% to 20% ABV, mead is gaining popularity amongst people looking to experiment with their drinks. A versatile creation, mead can be as refreshing and light as beer or complex like wine. 

The Salted Kokum Mead falls neatly in the sweet spot between the two. Moonshine’s latest unique drink gives you a hit of fresh kokum, delightfully balanced with pink salt and ginger. What binds it all together in a flavourful combination is a 100% pure honey.

For the uninitiated, kokum is a small red fruit that turns to purple upon ripening. Primarily grown in the western ghats of Maharashtra and Goa, it’s a staple in the cuisines of the region. The sourness, akin to tamarind, however is not a popular flavour amongst alcoholic beverages, making this mead its special debut. 

Naturally, the Salted Kokum mead is a limited edition drink available only at premium liquor retail outlets across Maharashtra and Goa, as well as online. 

Rohan Rehani, Co-founder/Benevolent Overlord, Moonshine Meadery says, “With a rising consumer base of young adults who are exploring and experimenting with drinking as an experience, we have witnessed a significant increase in demand for our naturally flavoured meads over the last year. Today, they are not only open to but in fact look out consciously, to taste and enjoy new types and flavours of alcohol. With the newly launched salted kokum variant, we are using kokum in an alcoholic beverage for the very first time in the world and the initial response from Mead connoisseurs and our regular customers has got us thinking of increasing the availability of what we had originally planned as a limited edition variant.”

Often touted as the nectar of the gods and once considered a royal elixir, mead’s prominence dwindled when grapes and barley production became cheaper and easier. Even now, the relatively high price of high-quality honey keeps mead from being a mass-produced and consumed drink. However, the drink is produced with a minimal carbon footprint, carrying its popularity around the country. 

While Moonshine’s experiments with mead are often a thing of high anticipation, people are equally into the creative labels. Outsourced to young, upcoming artists, the Salted Kokum mead label was designed by Mumbai based architect Sagarika Nambiar. Created during the lockdown, it’s an abstract depiction of herself at a happy place on the beaches of Konkan that reflects the experience of the drink. 

With a bright red colour that makes the label pop and an added texture that gives it a retro dimension, the Salted Kokum Mead is sure not to miss your attention this season!

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