Le15 Patisserie’s newest cookie collection is the stuff of dreams

We all crave the occasional cookie(s). After years of experimentation, Le15 Patisserie’s Cookie Collection is here to save the day!
Featuring the crunchy toffee, brown butter pineapple, dark chocolate hazelnut, and signature pink cookies, this collection has something for everyone.
Featuring The Crunchy Toffee, Brown Butter Pineapple, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, and Signature Pink cookies, Le15 Patisserie’s collection has something for everyone.

Who doesn’t love cookies? For as long as mankind can remember, the humble cookie has been the ultimate dessert craving. Okay maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but there’s still nothing like the ultimate bite of the perfect cookie. 

Le15 Patisserie obviously agrees, as evidenced in their latest cookie collection! For years, Chef Pooja Dhingra and her team have been trying to perfect their cookie recipe so that it could be packaged. With each trial, they got closer and closer to their ideal cookie. Ever since their inception in 2010, the brand has delivered on delicious desserts that take your tastebuds to Paris with every bite. And they’ve done the same with these cookies. 

Nostalgia meets modern texture in this delicious crunchy toffee cookie.
Nostalgia meets modern texture in this delicious Crunchy Toffee cookie by Le15.

The four delicious cookie options are available on Le15 Patisserie’s website for you to devour now! While a classic chocolate chip will always be amazing, this collection is all the more appealing for the variety of decadent flavour profiles offered. The flavours featured are The Crunchy Toffee Cookie, Brown Butter Pineapple Cookie, Signature Pink Cookies, and the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies.

There’s nothing better than a dessert that reminds you of your childhood, and The Crunchy Toffee Cookies do just that. These will take you on a trip down memory lane with the taste of butterscotch and cashews. To add to this nostalgic combination, the coarse sea salt and cornflakes create a modern texture! 

Le15's brown butter pineapple cookie is an indulgent twist on a childhood classic.
Le15’s Brown Butter Pineapple cookie is an indulgent twist on a childhood classic.

Inspired by the creamy pineapple cakes we ate as kids, the Brown Butter Pineapple Cookie is made with almond and corn flakes and mixed with candied pineapple pieces. Topped with a white chocolate drizzle, this cookie is a cute twist on the classic dessert. With big flavours, crunch and sass, there’s nothing that could make a cookie more perfect! Who wouldn’t want a taste of that? 

Who can refuse a pink cookie? Le15 patisserie goes technicolour with this signature pink.
Who can refuse a pink cookie? Le15 Patisserie goes technicolour with this Signature Pink.

Taking a step into the technicolour world Le15’s most exciting cookie is arguably the Signature Pink Cookies. Made with cherries, almonds, and corn flakes, these cookies are a brilliant shade of pink and just as delicious as promised. Finally, who can say no to a good chocolate cookie? The Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies are just right for indulgence at its finest. This rich and delectable combination of dark chocolate and hazelnut is enhanced with a hint of sea salt. Good day or bad, these cookies are all you need. 

With subtle variations and rich notes, this cookie collection is made with carefully curated ingredients by the most passionate chefs in town. So if you’re looking to calm your cookie cravings, a few boxes of these ought to sort you out. 

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