It’s all ice-creams and bean-to-bar chocolates with The Blue Gourmet

Can ice-creams, chocolates, and desserts be as healthy as they’re indulgent? The Blue Gourmet’s plated dessert experiences and bonbons have a delicious answer.
The chocolate gourmet sticks from the blue gourmet come in various equally tempting flavours
The chocolate Gourmet Sticks from The Blue Gourmet come in various equally tempting flavours

Rare organic ingredients, rich textures, and quality are some of the key markers of couverture chocolate. While it may be a little heavy on the wallet, most dessert aficionados wouldn’t think twice given the gourmet factor. 

However, The Blue Gourmet by Hotelier Rahul Bajaj is here to flip that on its head. It’s Le Sutra Hospitality’s brand new B2B & B2C venture, focused on producing authentic Bean-to-Bar Chocolate among other confectionery items. So it’s an indulgent array of barks, bonbons, ganache cubes, enrobés and ice-creams that occupy your vision as you enter. 

The Blue Gourmet also wins brownie points for what they call the SLO (Sustainable, Local & Organic) approach. The achievement is not without a significant amount of research and passion by Rahul and his team, especially with the creation of the chocolates. One conversation with him is enough to reveal the same, as he animatedly speaks of the team’s journey across the globe. 

In studying and understanding the process of growing, harvesting and processing cacao, Rahul understood nuance. It was absolutely crucial to have high quality cacao for the best quality chocolates. Surprisingly, the search for the best cacao led the team straight back home to Kerala, where a dedicated farm now produces cacao just for The Blue Gourmet’s couverture chocolates

Rahul Bajaj says, “The idea behind The Blue Gourmet is to bring pure couverture  chocolates to India that are premium, classy and still affordable. We are bringing to you unique and chic products in the ice-cream and the chocolate genre.”

Chocolate barks have never tasted sweeter with the organic bean-to-bar chocolate at the blue gourmet
Chocolate barks have never tasted sweeter with the organic bean-to-bar chocolate at The Blue Gourmet

The Blue Gourmet caters to both B2B and B2C requirements of chocolates. Given the increasing demand for bean-to-bar chocolates, their vast and affordable options set them apart. The chocolate bars have 48% A2 Milk, 55% Dark and 70% Dark cacao as options, with milk grades chosen carefully. Apart from the regulars, there’s also the healthier khandsari sugar variants to opt for.

The delicious chocolates are somehow just the beginning though. The Blue Gourmet is one of the first in the world to use a Mexican coffee bun with their ice-creams. The mild bittersweetness and texture of the bun combined with the uniquely flavoured ice-cream and other treats peppered across the plate make this a truly sensational experience. One could say that the plated dessert experience is essentially a gourmet sundae with an exotic twist.

The exciting ice-cream range boasts 11 unique flavours, with flavours like The Organic Bailey’s, The Chocolate ice-cream with Organic Zest, and even a Blue Curacao Liqueur ice-Cream. 

Hotelier rahul bajaj recommends the bailey's ice-cream with the mexican coffee bun
Hotelier Rahul Bajaj recommends the Bailey’s ice-cream with the Mexican coffee bun

While this may be a vegan flavour, The Kashmiri Rose Berry Ice-Cream made with almond is unimaginably creamy! Definitely the crown jewel in the ice-cream collection, you can’t miss the unique, almost lingering taste of this one. There’s also a keto and diabetic-friendly flavour in The Single Origin Chocolate with Roasted Almonds. You might doubt its sugar-free claims, but Rahul explains the process of naturally deriving sweetness from The Blue Gourmet special cacao as well as the almonds. Another must have. 

If you’re the kind of person who loves snacking while doing pretty much anything, The Organic Coffee Almond Praline bark and the Salted Caramel bark with Butterscotch Nuts are for you! It’s perfectly crunchy with a smokey tasting chocolate that satiates you and leaves you craving for more simultaneously. The assorted range of bonbons are as aesthetically appealing as they are delicious. A bite into any of them including the Jack Daniel’s, Baileys, and Amarula bonbons are sure to make your day.

There’s also non-alcoholic options and enrobés for those who wish to experiment with interesting new flavours. At a distinctly affordable price, Rahul has seemingly made Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory come alive in Mumbai. The Blue Gourmet is a sugar rush, an informative experience in couverture chocolate and an exquisite dessert exploration all rolled into one delicious experience. 

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