Good Flippin’ Burgers: How the brand is employing ‘Love’ as a business strategy

Good Flippin’ Burgers co-founder says, in the next three years, burgers will give pizza and biryani a run for their money.

Sid Marchant, Co-founder of Good Flippin’ Burgers, has a compelling purpose, ambitious objective, and a clear deliverable: To create the most beloved burger brand in India. In less than three years, despite the pandemic, the brand managed to win hearts and transform customers into loyal fans.

“We don’t want to be the best. We want to be the ‘most loved’ burger brand in India,” says Marchant.

Good Flippin’ Burgers currently has eight outlets and is planning to expand to more cities.

The consumer love was visibly evident when the brand recently raised a funding of US$1 million dollars.

“Love is a complicated relationship, and it is only through commitment, consistency, and constant growth that one can be in a loving relationship. We wanted to build a brand in a similar way— like building a loving relationship. We believe ‘love’ to be a result of everything that we do. We want to demonstrate our love for our customers by ensuring high quality, consistent products. We want to demonstrate our love for our employees by treating them well. We want to show our love for partners and vendors by paying them on time,” says Marchant.

Good Flippin’ Burgers has an enthusiastic team of employees.

The brand now has eight outlets and, this financial year, it plans to cover all of Mumbai market, including Thane and Navi Mumbai, and expand into NCR, Pune, and Bangalore.

“When we started off as a delivery-only brand, we were under the impression that our customer was between 25 and 40 years of age, well-travelled, and product conscious,” says Marchant.

Started by Viren DSilva, Sid Marchant, and Sijo Mathew, the Good Flippin’ Burgers is a dream come true for all three who left their corporate jobs to flip a great burger.

However, when the brand launched its first dine-in at Bandra in August 2021, the team had a chance to meet and interact with the customers directly.

“We realised that our customer is literally anyone who wants to enjoy a good burger. We have seen college kids, school kids, families, expats, friends, couples, and even people coming in alone during lunch break etc., sit down and enjoy our burger with some coffee, iced tea, or a milkshake. Our customers are definitely product- and value-conscious. They want and appreciate a good product and will pay the right price for it,” says Marchant.

On the burger-eating trends in India, Merchant says that there is a growing preference for vegan burgers, and customers also seek truffle as an addition of flavour to the burgers.

“People have generally stuck to traditional brands to satiate their burger cravings. This and the odd ‘local burger joint’ has, in general, provided the customer with their burger options. The emergence of new local brands that are offering high quality product consistently across all their outlets has really given people more choice. More choice and competition keep brands on their toes to innovate and maintain consistency. I feel it’s safe to say that in the next three to five years, we are going to see burgers give pizza and biryani a run for their money,” says Marchant.

The brand is currently equipped with cutting-edge technologies like self-delivery platform, supply chain integration with POS, and operational excellence software. Good Flippin’ Burgers is also on the verge of launching a loyalty programme for customers.

While Good Flippin’ Burgers is primarily catering to the B2C segment, it’s also open to B2B opportunities.

Good Flippin’ Burgers’ recent seed fund of US$1 million was led by passionate investors like Nikhil Bharadwaj, Director, Kerala Blasters Football Club; Karan Bhagat, Founder, MD & CEO, IIFL Wealth and Asset Management, and Yatin Shah, Co-founder & Joint CEO, IIFL Wealth and Asset Management. Participants in the round also included Manish Hathiramani, Index Trader, Deen Dayal Investments along with names from the Mumbai entertainment industry such as Kiran Desai, General Council, Netflix India, Vikram Malhotra, Mamta Anand, and Vedant Bali.

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