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Feel Good with ITC Hotels’ new healthy menu

The new ‘Feel Good’menu available for home delivery in eight cities focuses on healthy grains, seasonal ingredients and slow cooking ITC Hotels has a strong responsible luxury philosophy and the latest offering…


Nutridock packs a punch with its healthy meals

The new cloud kitchen brand has just started serving up healthy, vegetarian meals in Mumbai. First impressions of the tasting menu are promising.


Lucknowee from Impresario gets Awadhi cuisine right

The third cloud kitchen brand from Impresario, Lucknowee, pays homage to the royal kitchens of the Nawabs of Awadh. Available across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, the brand’s delicious slow-cooked dishes make a great impression.

Kook’s diy meal kits

Rustle up a fancy meal at home with Kook’s DIY meal kits

Kook delivering in Delhi-NCR enables you to prepare a restaurant-quality meal at home with its easy-to-follow DIY meal kits. Confession. I can’t cook. It’s a skill that continues to evade me. A…

Pitaara kitchen tinda

Pitaara Kitchen: Indian cuisine tweaked just right

Chef Udit Maheshwari’s Pitaara Kitchen, the latest entrant on the home delivery front in Delhi, dips into several influences for his menu — childhood memories, indigenous cheese, and traditional Indian specialties such…

Hung-li delivery

Hung-Li kicks off Asian cuisine for Impresario

Impresario group’s second delivery brand, Hung-Li, is part of a slew of upcoming launches that underline the group’s commitment to building a solid delivery business.

O pedro's shack

O Pedro’s Shack brings it home

The third and latest delivery brand from Hunger Inc, kicks off a rotating menu section with O Pedro’s Shack. First up, the focus is on Goan adoption of Lebanese cuisine.

King fu canteen food

Deliver us from lockdown

With two new delivery brands King Fu Canteen and Brun & Babka, Hunger Inc looks to grow its portfolio and offset losses in the dining-in business through the current lockdown.

Fine dine

Indulgence of a rare kind

The programme offers a service team including sommeliers or mixologists, florists, and even babysitters for the ultimate dine-in experience at home.

Odia cuisine

Explore Odisha through delectable platters

Odia cuisine, unsurprisingly, draws influences from various cultures. The cuisine of the state can be divided into four sub-categories, each with its distinct flavours.


Soak up some atmosphere at Jyran

An integral part of the Sofitel brand, the name Jyran means ‘lost love’ in Persian. An emotion reflected in the many queries about its reopening that have poured in since the lockdown ended.

Drifters growlers

Say hello to summer with a lager festival

The brewery boasts four different varieties of lager – German lager, Czech pilsner, Czech amber lager and Vienna lager.