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Meat chawal

Leftover goodness

Amritsar meat chawal, a dish made with repurposed leftovers is the ultimate work meal good for satiating both the body and mind.

Jamai shoshti feast

Jamai Shoshti: A feast like no other

It might seem like a festival curated for those who like to eat. But, in essence, it’s a way of two families coming together, with food playing the proverbial matchmaker.


Buttered down goodness

Buttermilk’s role in the traditional kitchen has been that of a flavourant and a delicious drink that does more than just pucker up tastebuds.


The Paan Play

Here’s how the betel quid has redefined the idea of romance, power, hosting and, of course, wellness, in its 2500 years of being an integral part of the Indian culinary matrix.


Rise of the congee

This rice gruel has ancient origins but remains as popular today. While congee might not look like the most appetising dish, it’s packed with nutrition and has several health benefits.

Puffed rice

The magic of murmura

Puffed rice has captured the imagination of chefs and wellness experts alike. Its light, versatile and nutritious nature are just a few of the reasons why.

Poached egg

Cracking on poached goodness

Light, healthy, delicious and a technique worth mastering; these are just a few of the reasons why chefs and wellness experts alike are so fond of poached eggs.

Bitter foods

The sweeter side of bitter food

Bitter foods are an integral part of Indian meals through the summer. Aside from their many heath benefits, they also act as a palate cleanser.

Sheer kurma

Sheer Kurma: The essence of Eid-al-Fitr

Sheer Kurma is one of the few dishes synonymous with Eid-al-Fitr, because it represents the sentiment behind the festivities. That of human and social harmony.


Shikanji: The ‘cool’ queen of drinks

A glass of Sikanjvi is not just about the delicious flavours or even the refreshing effect. There are many more health benefits to one of India’s favourite drinks.

Chakuli pitha

The charm of chakuli pitha

The chakuli pitha is a much-loved staple in eastern India, and for good reason. It improves gut health, is easy-to-digest and pairs with a variety of dishes.


Healing with haleem

The calorie and nutrient dense Ramzan special dish can also be great for health, provided it’s had in moderation.


The Saag Saga

An integral part of meals across India, here’s a look at some of the interesting greens that serve as superfoods in a bowl.

Range of chutneys

Chutneys – not just a side dish

Chutneys have a magical power to transform meals and moods. Aside from enhancing flavours, they also play a very important role in nutrition.

Cold brew in a glass

Brewed, cold and slow

Cold brew, given its smoother and sweeter taste, along with lower acidity levels than hot coffee, has garnered many fans. But there could be some added health benefits too.


‘Tech’ing us ahead

Even as restaurants across the world reel from the effects of the pandemic, Nory, an AI start-up is offering the industry tech solutions to run their operations more efficiently.

Gud ka halwa

Halwa: Of taste and goodness

This sweet has long been a favourite not just due to its uplifting taste but for its nutritional and health benefits too.

Natural salt

Salt to taste

Salt gives us minerals essential for healthy functioning of the body. But excess intake can result in a host of problems.


Decoding parathas

This North India-born innovation has had immense success in conquering palates and dining spaces all over the country.