The Ultimate TD List

Food & Drink – The Ultimate TD List

North-eastern cuisine

5 restaurants to try North-Eastern cuisine in Delhi

Enjoy the distinct food trail of the North-Eastern states of India at these restaurants The North-Eastern states of the country, lovingly called the Seven Sisters — Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland,…

Restaurant design

5 restaurants of impeccable design

Phaidon’s new publication By Design compiles the works of over 100 interior designers across the world. We focus on 5 of the biggest names in dining.

Indian summer drinks 1

5 Indian summer drinks to stay healthy

To stay hydrated and healthy through the scorching summer months, try your hand at making these refreshing drinks at home.

Ipl-special offers

5 IPL-special offers in Mumbai

With the Twenty20 season on in full swing, restaurants and pubs across Mumbai have themed menus and a host of offers on delivery services.

Organic food brands

10 organic food brands to embrace this Earth Day

With a rise in awareness about sustainability, organic food brands are growing in popularity across the country. Consumers are choosing products that are healthier and better for the planet too.

Coffee machine

10 best coffee machines for home

There’s a whole host of equipment available in the market today, and you should choose one based on your coffee needs – quantity, beans, grind size or how much control you would like over the brewing process.

Best chef knives

5 best chef knives

While there are knives for specific purposes, perhaps none is as versatile as the chef’s knife, which can be used for everything from slicing and dicing to chopping and carving.

Gin and tonic

7 Indian gins to watch out for

The current central government’s clarion call of #vocalforlocal hasn’t gone unnoticed either, with many gin makers using unique, locally-sourced ingredients such as tea, Gondhoraj lime, hemp and even tulsi.

1135 ad jaipur romantic restaurant

10 of India’s most romantic restaurants

As you frantically make plans for Valentine’s Day or an extended Valentine’s Week, Traveldine’s list of the most atmospheric restaurants and bars will let you live out a fairy-tale romance for a few hours.