The Filter Coffee Kit by Sleepy Owl is what caffeinated dreams are made of

The struggle to get the perfect cup of filter coffee is real. And it’s a problem Sleepy Owl’s latest launch has now solved.
This filter coffee kit by sleepy owl comes with its own brewer, and brass tumbler + dabarah.
This Filter Coffee Kit by Sleepy Owl comes with its own brewer, and brass tumbler + dabarah.

Brewed extra strong with lots of milk and sweeteners of your choice, filter coffee or kaapi is revered by most caffeine addicts. Served traditionally in steel cups inside a steel container or dabarah, this is largely considered as South India’s gift to the country.

While the origin stories are debatable across several points in colonisation, it’s the perfection of process over decades that sets filter coffee apart. For most living in urban spaces, however, the struggle to find that perfect cup is very real. And that’s where Sleepy Owl comes in!   

Considered one of the country’s leading DTC coffee brand, Sleepy Owl has announced the

launch of its Filter Coffee Kit. What’s in it? This one comes with a 250 gm bag of Sleepy Owl’s Filter Coffee Powder, Filter Coffee Brewer and a dabarah tumbler set, both made of pure brass.

Using the perfect blend of robusta and chicory, this filter coffee kit is all about creating an authentic experience at home.
Using the perfect blend of Robusta and chicory, Sleepy Owl’s Filter Coffee Kit is all about creating an authentic experience at home.

It’s an authentic filter coffee/kaapi experience wrapped in a practical and timeless set. The Filter Coffee powder offers a bold and nutty blend of Robusta and Chicory. Committed as ever to delivering only the best, Sleepy Owl has used premium quality Robusta beans (85%) along with Chicory (15%) for the same. 

The perfection of your cuppa is sealed in the process, however, and with the Filter Coffee Brewer you can do it just right. The precision filtering is possible through tiny perforations of the brewer for a mud-free coffee concentrate. Your patience is rewarded with a dense, velvety-smooth decoction that makes up to 2 cups in one go. Thanks to the traditional brass dabarah and tumbler set in the kit, the experience is rounded off in the most authentic way possible! 

Brew the perfect filter coffee experience with sleepy owl's latest kit.
Brew the perfect Filter Coffee experience with Sleepy Owl’s latest kit.

What makes this special is the easy recreation of what once seemed like an elusive hunt for filter coffee. Now you can enjoy the taste of authenticity in the comfort of your home. Brew the perfect cup of nutty goodness from scratch with Sleepy Owl’s Filter Coffee Kit. Or gift it to the one caffeine obsessed friend we all have! 

The Filter Coffee Kit is an excellent addition to Sleepy Owl’s growing portfolio of caffeine products. Today, the brand stands over 5 years strong and offers Cold Brew Packs, Hot Brew Bags, Ready-To-Drink Cold Brew Bottles, Ground Coffee, Brew Box, Instant Coffee and a range of Merchandise.

Sleepy Owl’s signature chocolatey and nutty flavour comes from single-origin, Grade-A plantation Arabica beans grown at 5300ft in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Ever. Sleepy Owl has also eliminated the use of plastic in its packaging, and now uses 100% recyclable packaging which is sustainable. The brand is available across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bhopal, Chandigarh, and Jammu amongst several others, and online as well.

If you can already hear the loud satisfied sips of true filter coffee drinking in your near future, make this kit a part of your kitchen right away! 

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