Experience the world on your plate with The Sassy Spoon’s delicious menu makeover

Featuring a variety of cuisines from around the world, it’s wanderlust for food with The Sassy Spoon’s new menu items.
There's an exciting mix of classics and experimental main on the sassy spoon's new menu
There’s an exciting mix of classics and experimental main on The Sassy Spoon’s new menu

When was the last time you experienced a whole new world of cuisines coupled with banger cocktails, all at once? With The Sassy Spoon’s new menu offerings, you’ll be left craving for more. 

Since its inception at Nariman Point in 2012, The Sassy Spoon has only gotten cooler with time, becoming one of Mumbai’s trendiest resto-bars. Led by Rachel Goenka, Founder and CEO of The Chocolate Spoon Company, they have only expanded with multiple restaurants, cafes, and cloud kitchens.

The familiar neon lighting and decor catered to millennials have been a staple at all locations. For the flagship however, the restaurant’s been levelled up to match up to the all-new exciting menu as well. 

Sassy queen rachel goenka, founder and ceo of the chocolate spoon company
Sassy Queen Rachel Goenka, Founder and CEO of The Chocolate Spoon Company

“We want our guests to have something new to look forward to and to enjoy a delightful experience when they visit The Sassy Spoon. The new decor reflects the restaurant’s journey over the past 8 years. Carrying forward the trendy signage from its Powai outpost, the stunning ‘Kiss My Sass’ board is the first to greet you upon entering. With most people preferring the outdoors these days, the exterior has been transformed into a colorful garden seating with lots of foliage that creates an enchanting experience for guests,” says Rachel Goenka on the Nariman Point location. 

Filled with vibrant pops of colour, there’s plenty to look at while you wait for some scrumptious food and refreshing cocktails to be served up. The all new menu features trending food like flatbreads, a silky smooth and rich mushroom olive pate on cheese burst brioche with truffle oil, sweet & spicy Caribbean jerk style pork tart with melted camembert, and so much more. 

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Mexican flatbread to make you drool at the sassy spoon's new menu!
Mexican flatbread to make you drool at The Sassy Spoon’s new menu!

According to Rachel, The Sassy Spoon derives its techniques as well as ingredient inspiration from around the world. Interpreting them with a sassy twist is what gives them their unique edge. So from your staple comfort foods to creative options for those veering towards the experimental, there’s something delicious for everyone. 

Commenting on the menu upgrade, Rachel adds, “The Sassy Spoon menu has always been more on the European side ever since we first opened. The menu has evolved over the years and we now subscribe to the motto:- “Travel the world on a plate”. I think the Indian palate has evolved, such that people are now well-travelled and open to trying new cuisines.”

The mains on the menu illustrate just that. Dishes like Grilled cottage cheese steak with paprika corn cream & herb rice ring familiar, while the spicy chicken ramen, and slow braised lamb cassoulet make for more adventurous outings. The new sassywiches don’t disappoint either, with options like mushroom melt with caramelized onions in sourdough bread, and a Sassy BLT.

For The Sassy Spoon, it’s all about maintaining a consistent high quality, which requires due diligence from ground zero. “I use ingredients that are readily available and not very difficult to procure. I find this also gives a product consistency since we stick to one vendor for a particular product for example. Also, we are moving more and more towards sourcing locally and supporting local businesses. Our vanilla for example is sourced from Kerala,” notes Rachel.

A champion of dessert culture, the more indulgent offerings on The Sassy Spoon’s menu created by her do not disappoint. One would have to seek medical help if they were to turn away a generous helping of the Sticky toffee pudding. For Rachel though, it’s dark chocolate fandom all the way. 

With major restaurants like House of Mandarin and Baraza under her belt, the pandemic couldn’t have been kind. Two major lockdowns and negligible government aid led to several restaurants shutting down across the country. Even as restrictions ease, there’s still timing regulations and social distancing to be accounted for. Add to that the stigma of dining out, and it’s no secret that the F&B industry was one of the worst to be affected. Thanks to some quick adaptation however, it’s been full steam ahead for The Sassy Spoon. 

The spicy chicken ramen is a hot new addition to the sassy spoon menu
The spicy chicken ramen is a hot new addition to The Sassy Spoon menu

“The past year has taught us how important it is to be flexible with our business model. During this second wave, we were more equipped both in terms of operations and the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. We were in a better position to adapt quickly and swiftly to the delivery model. With the ease of restrictions, restaurants are now open till midnight and we are looking forward to serving our customers with their favorites. [Hopefully], the festive season gives us a chance to recover the losses we have incurred during the pandemic,” says Rachel.

Though Covid-19 played a huge part in potentially harming the restaurateur’s progress, a largely male-dominated industry has always played its own part. All of 23 years old when she began The Sassy Spoon journey, Rachel admits that there were some initial bumps to smooth out. 

She says, “The first few years after becoming a restaurateur were tough, since I was young and I was constantly trying to find my footing. As the industry is evolving, more and more women are becoming professional chefs, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs which has actually led to a change in the dynamics. The gender barrier is slowly fading away, and there is no preconceived notion of the hospitality industry to continue being an all-boys club. On a positive note, a lot of my peers and male colleagues have encouraged more women to take up the big role.”

On a lighter note, what does one of India’s top entrepreneurs in the food industry think of food influencers. Any person with an internet savvy phone and a steady hand is able to share their opinions on menus. While the accessibility is great, it does mean there’s questionable credibility. Arguably, what makes it the most dangerous is perhaps the fact that a couple of hundred followers and no actual formal education on food could lead to the defaming of entire places on a whim. 

The line between food influencers and food journalists is slowly but surely blurring
The line between food influencers and food journalists is slowly but surely blurring

Obviously, this isn’t something that Rachel particularly endorses or wants to get with. She says, “Who isn’t a food influencer today? It’s sad really because a few years ago, food journalism was a real thing. People did their research, they knew what they were talking about, they understood the history of a particular cuisine. You could sit across from a food journalist and have a meaty conversation about your craft and the food that you are plating. I personally enjoyed such exchanges because you end up learning so much from each other. Today, it’s more about the pictures you take and the number of followers one has on Instagram rather than substance. But there’s a chalk and cheese difference between food journalism and food influencers, and the two shouldn’t be confused.” 

As far as trends are concerned, Rachel firmly believes that only consistency, quality and creativity truly stand the test of time. The spirit of the new menu at The Sassy Spoon delectably embodies the same. Set against a backdrop of calming green and trendy pink hues, it makes for the ultimate perfect food and drink experience in Mumbai.

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