Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary plans include new shows, attractions, collabs, and more!

Disneyland Paris is all set to kick off its 30th Anniversary celebrations this March with a host of new experiences.

Disneyland Paris has been showing the world what magic and ultimate entertainment look like for three decades now. As the French resort turns 30 this year, it call for a grand celebration that kicks off on March 6, 2022.

The popular theme park announced its plans of the 30th Anniversary celebration recently by hosting an e-conference with the global press, inviting them to catch a glimpse of what the world can expect. Interesting decors, fresh designer costumes and fashion collaborations, and of course, brand new shows, the guests can expect it all and then some more!

Disneyland paris
Disneyland Paris is all set for the grand celebration! Image: Courtesy Disneyland Paris.

The all-new ‘Dream…and Shine Brighter’ daytime show will take place on Central Plaza in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle daily several times a day. Guests will witness Mickey Mouse and all his friends decked out in their new iridescent costumes — be ready to see Minnie switching up her look with an exclusive pantsuit, created by the iconic British designer Stella McCartney, as a symbol of progress for the new generation! Consisting of three themes that celebrate the power of laugh, passion, and dreams, the show will feature more than 30 Disney characters and dancers with colourful floats and a unique soundtrack.

Disneyland paris
Avengers Campus will be launched in summer this year. Image: Courtesy Disneyland Paris.

The celebration will also mark the highly-anticipated launch of the theme-based Avengers Campus, which is at the heart of the transformation of Walt Disney Studios Park. Starting summer 2022, super heroes from the MARVEL universe will gather at the venue and take guests on an epic journey full of heroic adventures and thrilling missions.

At night, enjoy a spectacular display of interesting installations called Disney D-Light. The new pre-show will host video projections, light and sound display, illuminated water jets, special effects, mist, famous Disney songs, and above all, drone choreography (a first for the park) around the iconic castle to end the night in an unforgettable way. Around 200 synchronised drones will form a sparkling figure “30” in the sky right above the castle, while the new theme song “Un monde qui s’illumine” created for the Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary will be played in the background.

Disneyland paris
Art installations at the Gardens of Wonder. Image: Courtesy Disneyland Paris.

There’s also an entirely new Gardens of Wonder comprised of 10 different theme-based verdurous gardens featuring 30 art pieces and Disney and Pixar sculptures that ‘come to life.’ These art pieces are inspired by windmills for children, the world of Salvador Dali, and more. Additionally, special entertainment elements have been added to the existing experiences to make everything even more magical, for instance, Selfie Spots for have fun with Disney characters, Mickey and the Magician, Disney Junior Dream Factory, Disney Stars on Parade, and more.

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