Date Crown is rightfully the king of all kinds of dates in India

There’s no date like Date Crown by Bait Al Tamur Co, providing premium quality black dates since the early 1930s
Black dates that are a cut above the rest, all with bait al tamur co's date crown
Black dates that are a cut above the rest, all with Bait Al Tamur Co’s Date Crown

Started in the 1930s, prominent food wholesaler Bait Al Tamur Co, the leading pioneer in dates all across the country has been witnessing an exponential growth. 

Run by Rajal Ashar along with the help of daughter Krishnakshi Ahsar, he is a third-generation businessman carrying forward the family business started by his grandfather. The company laid its foundation with just a single kind of date, which has now bloomed into over 50 different varieties. Thereby making it the largest importer of wet dates in the country.

Bait Al Tamur Co is known to source their dates from UAE, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia, Jordan, Oman and Saudi Arabia, picked out fresh from the farms. They specialise particularly in premium quality black dates. While the company forayed into the Indian FMCG sector, seeking to transform the dates market prolifically, it is still committed to producing and trading in safe food. 

The company also holds a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification affiliated to Al Foah LCC. The latter is a government brand that stands as the largest date and date products producer in the world. Bait Al Tamur Co also sets itself apart by being the only distributor for Al Foah LLC.

“Initially, till 1997, dates were sold as a seasonal product—primarily during winters and Ramadan,” says Rajal Ashar, Managing Partner of Bait Al Tamur Co. 

Through date crown, bait al tamur co has managed to share premium versions of black dates such as the khenexi bumaan
Through Date Crown, Bait Al Tamur Co has managed to share premium versions of black dates such as the Khenexi Bumaan

“However, after conducting an extensive survey, we realised that there exists potential to create a large market in India for premium quality black dates. With this in mind, we endeavoured to introduce black dates in India imported from UAE—making us the first-ever company to do so. Over the years, we further revolutionised the market by appointing distributors for selling our dates,” he adds.

Bait Al Tamur Co offered to the world a bunch of consumer packs of its brand ‘Date Crown – UAE’. It offered one of the most premium varieties of dates like Fard, Khenezi Bumaan, amongst many others that have been sold under this brand since 2010. The same are available in packages varying from 250 grams to a whopping 5 kilograms! 

With this level of success, the brand has also diversified into manufacturing date byproducts. For instance, they offer date syrup and date paste, a healthier and sustainable alternative to sugar for coffee and milk, or even as a dessert topping useful in various dishes.

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Krishnakshi Ashar, a partner at Bait Al Tamur Co feels that it is essential for a business to keep updated and adapt to the evolving trends. “At Bait Al Tamur Co, we firmly believe in creating opportunities and putting modern techniques, more competent and new methods in place to timely and successfully cater to the growing consumer market for dates in India,” she says.

Thanks to the flourishing success rate of date crown's premium black dates, bait al tamur co also started to make date syrup and date paste
Thanks to the flourishing success rate of Date Crown’s premium black dates, Bait Al Tamur Co also started to make date syrup and date paste

‘Date Crown’ has helped Bait Al Tamur Co turn it into the leading producer of dates within the industry. They are registered and thus widely available in almost all stores and supermarkets across the country. 

The company constantly witnessed massive demand for their products, both during festive seasons and even otherwise. This demand rises from states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and the city of Delhi. 

This upward moving graph of growth is the reason that Date Crown maintains its position as a leading brand across households in India.

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