The Festive Fifteen

Chef Sherry Mehta

CCO of Kanak by Sherry. Home-chef, caterer and food expert with a special interest in United Punjab and Himachali cuisine.

Chef Dhruv Oberoi

Executive Chef at Olive Qutub, The Grammar Room and Bar Serai experienced in various world cuisines, ranging from Japanese to French and Spanish, among others.

Chef Neeraj Tyagi

Director of Culinary, Pullman New Delhi. With over 20 awards in his career, he is one of the most decorated chefs in the industry.

Chef Nilesh Limaye

Chef CuliNaire and a true celebrity chef, he juggles many roles as TV Show Host, author, restaurateur, and entrepreneur.   

Chef Harangad Singh

Founder, Parat Food & Catering. A pan-Indian cuisine specialist who believes in innovation, freshness and the use of local ingredients.

Chef Rajeev Janveja

Corporate Chef, Lemon Tree Hotels. With over 36 years of industry experience, he has a passion for launching new food concepts.

Chef Sharad Dewan

Founder-Director, Gourmet Design Company. An award-winning celebrity chef who has earned an interesting sobriquet: “Alchemist of Food”.

Chef Akanksha Dean

Independent Pastry chef. The first and only Indian to receive training at Osteria Francescana (World’s Best Restaurant 2017) in Modena, Italy.

Chef Sushil Dwarkanath

Culinary Educator, Department of Hotel Management, Christ University. A chef who transitioned from the industry to academia, he has been mentoring culinary professionals for over 21 years.

Chef Rohan Monga

Co-founder, FoodWarz. An influencer better known “filmychef”, he has grown Foodwarz into a leading culinary brand.

Chef Sarabjeet Singh

Co-founder Slurp Studio. Co-founded BBQ Story in Bengaluru, eventually leading to the development of Slurp Studio.

Chef Reishu Sharma

Founder, Plan B. An author and entrepreneur, he is a chef with 14 years experience and a pioneer for plant-based food.

Chef Ritesh Negi

Corporate Executive Chef, Radisson Blu MBD Noida. A veteran chef with 20 years of experience and a zeal for developing new recipes.

Chef Irfan Pabaney

Country Head, SodaBottleOpenerWala. With 27 years of culinary experience, he has worked with leading restaurants and later co-founded The Sassy Spoon.

Chef Deipu Gobind

Owner of THE BARKHANA, THE LALLANTOP DHABA BAR, RUSTOM BATTLI WALA, CAFE MESTIZO in Pune and SOUL OF INDIA in CHILE. An internationally trained chef, he is a restaurant owner as well as a consultant for budding restaurants.

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