Extraordinary Journeys

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Of French finesse: From intense onion soup to breezy air kisses!

Culture, cuisine, wine, natural beauty, art, architecture, design, music, and sheer style, our penchant for everything French seems justified when you realise just how much this country offers. Pages from the personal…

Bhutan, travel, road trip

Bhutan: Into the Land of the Thunder Dragon

A country that gauges its success in the form of Gross National Happiness. A land where the ancient mountains seem to transport you back in time and ethereal experiences hold you enthralled.…

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Seeking the unseen in Singapore

The city state seems to be on everyone’s hotlist for shopping and entertainment. But what if, like me, you want more from a travel destination? I delved deeper and was pleasantly surprised……


Embrace snow and serenity on a road trip to Auli

From spellbinding views of majestic mountains, to hiking trails and skiing trips, there are endless reasons why you must take a road trip through Uttarakhand this winter. When I first thought of…

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There’s something about Switzerland

It’s one of India’s favourite foreign destinations and yet not explored quite enough. TD goes off the beaten track in the Swiss Alps to find that even the lesser-known spots are stunningly…

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Japan: Journeys that spark joy

Be it Sakura or Sake, Sushi or Samurai, and many other aspects that will surprise you, Japan is a true treat for all the senses. You may not have realised it, but…

Sikkim, remote destinations

Not just Sikkim-ing the surface

One of the smallest states in India, it’s really big on heart and experience. Be it culture, nature, history, food or adventure, Sikkim has it all and then some. Journeying through the…

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The Future of Travel: Greening your 2021 vacations

In keeping with a shift in consciousness in a post-pandemic world, travellers will pick destinations that aren’t just secluded but also have a green glow to them, destinations that are truly eco-friendly…

Safaris in india

A safari in India’s protected sanctuaries is a trip of a lifetime

India’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have several tales to tell to those willing to pay attention. They offer a chance to get to know some of the creatures that share their homes with us. Many, such as Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh, are also a glimpse into the country’s regal past, and some, like Silent Valley, bear testament to our responsibility towards our environment. Read on for a glimpse into the best wildlife journeys across the country.