The Clifftop Villa, Phuket.

Villa holidays for flamingos

Boutique, private and rooted in local culture. How villas and homesteads are stealing the march over hotels to attract discerning, COVID-weary travellers.

Diversity and an inclusive culture are good for the travel business

Several factors are playing out in the United States right now, which, when combined, are to make for a politically charged debate. The pandemic continuing rage across the country, the staggering unemployment and global economic crisis creating much concern and the upcoming presidential election being contested like no other before, are all factors. And now the issue of race and diversity has burst into our collective consciousness.

Deepa Misra Harris on how to reboot businesses with creativity

It would not be wrong to state that for most people, COVID-19 has rendered 2020 to be the stuff of dystopian nightmares coming true. The reality of ‘social distancing’ is a true irony in the hyper-connected world we live in.

Slovenia and Montenegro - Post Covid World

Two rising stars in the post-COVID world

Some countries have dealt with the COVID crisis extremely well and are
opening up their borders to travellers. In a series we launch with Liberty
International, a global Destination Management Company, we explore their reopening strategies. The first two to be featured, Slovenia and Montenegro, are
rich in natural resources and follow sustainable tourism norms.