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Jaipur City Palace, Airbnb

Check in to the royal life

If you thought Airbnb was just about affordable yet quaint stays, here’s one that costs almost Rs 5,00,000 a night for two but gives you an incredibly experience-rich vacay at the Jaipur…

Nicholas Dumbell

TD Conversations: Nicholas Dumbell, GM, The St Regis Mumbai

Globally experienced and worldly wise, he believes that experience-rich staycations and exceptional F&B offerings will be the saving grace for hotels all the way into 2022. Each time we meet him, we…

Louis Sailer, CEO, Nullus Ineptias

TD Conversations: Louis Sailer, Founder, Nullus Ineptias

The former general manager of The Leela Palace New Delhi and founder of a luxury hotel asset advisory company holds forth on what it takes to create world-class hospitality entities by restructuring…

pets, travel

How to have a pawsome time on your next vacay!

Holidays with your fur babies may be getting easier than you thought. Here’s some inspiration for travelling with your pet. The pandemic has brought some profound changes in the way we think…

loyalty programmes, hotels

Loyalty programmes: Good for hotels, great for guests

With rewards becoming increasingly curated and customised, being loyal to a hospitality group wins you more than mere brownie points and helps the hotels’ bottomlines too. Loyalty programmes are to hotels what…