BrewDog: Scottish beers arrive in India

The UK brand has entered India with the first taproom in Mumbai. A wide range of brews, great food and a well-designed space promise a craft beer experience with a difference.

One Tight Wrap north Indian food

One Tight Wrap serves up north Indian food with a twist

Sourdough paratha, sheermal sandwich and baklava are among the unique new offerings on One Tight Wrap’s new Northern Frontier menu. It’s healthy north Indian food with all the flavours and none of the grease.

GOD Cafe by Harrit Farms

GOD Café: Natural food served fresh

GOD Cafe by Harrit Farms in Mumbai’s Dadar serves up naturally grown food made according to the principles of Ayurveda. Owner Sheetal Bhatt wants to offer a healthier lifestyle through a clean diet.

House of Mandarin

Asian delights from the House of Mandarin

The Chocolate Spoon Company’s venture into the realms of Asian cuisine was a bold move. And with House of Mandarin, it seems like a move well made.

Sly Granny in Delhi and Bangalore gets a new summer menu

The restaurant’s new summer menu has a large number of Tex-Mex dishes along with burgers and pizzas. ‘Sly Granny celebrates the life of a wicked, smart, wise, eccentric, polymath of a Granny.…

Feel Good with ITC Hotels’ new healthy menu

The new ‘Feel Good’menu available for home delivery in eight cities focuses on healthy grains, seasonal ingredients and slow cooking ITC Hotels has a strong responsible luxury philosophy and the latest offering…


Nutridock packs a punch with its healthy meals

The new cloud kitchen brand has just started serving up healthy, vegetarian meals in Mumbai. First impressions of the tasting menu are promising.