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torani pakhala

The wellness legacy of torani pakhala

This ancient superfood from eastern India has recently come into the spotlight for its numerous health benefits. Here’s why you should include it in your diet.

Rath Yatra foods

Rath Yatra foods: Ramrochak Tarkari and Dala Kechuri

From being the key highlights of the temple cuisine in Baripada to the celebratory meal of Rath Yatra, here is a look at the enigmatic Dala Kechuri and Ramrochak Tarkari.

colour in food

Colour coding your food just right

Aside from creating the multi-sensory impression of taste and aroma, chromatics in food has a significant role in the concept of balanced meals.

leaf therapy

Leaf therapy

Cooking in leaves has become a figurehead in the sustainable food movement, owing to it being safe, healthy and versatile.

French toast

The pleasurable pain (perdu)

Its calorie count may make this popular breakfast dish more of a brunch special, and yet, there are few Colonial dishes that give you that happy high like French toast does.

meat chawal

Leftover goodness

Amritsar meat chawal, a dish made with repurposed leftovers is the ultimate work meal good for satiating both the body and mind.

Jamai shoshti feast

Jamai Shoshti: A feast like no other

It might seem like a festival curated for those who like to eat. But, in essence, it’s a way of two families coming together, with food playing the proverbial matchmaker.


Buttered down goodness

Buttermilk’s role in the traditional kitchen has been that of a flavourant and a delicious drink that does more than just pucker up tastebuds.