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Ironhill India: Craft beer for the common folk

With what it says is the largest microbrewery in the world, Ironhill India is poised to fulfill its vision of taking craft beer to newer audiences.

labneh balls

One chef, one recipe: Spiced Labneh balls by Chef Saby

Homemade labneh is a healthy fresh cheese that’s beloved all over the Middle East, from Iraq to Israel. Referred to as the chef with the Midas touch, chef Saby is the recipient…

Heritage food

The rise of heritage food

A number of young chefs have returned to their cultural roots and brought back elements from Indian heritage food into their kitchens.

Mediterranean cuisine

A guide to Mediterranean cuisine

The Mediterranean region comprises 21 countries and they all bring their influence to what we call Mediterranean cuisine. What is the first thing that comes to mind, when you think of Mediterranean…

5 scotch cocktail recipes

5 scotch cocktail recipes for Scotch Day

Check out these 5 unique scotch cocktail recipes that are easy to whip up at home for a safe Scotch Day celebration.