Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden celebrates 150 years of legendary hospitality

The flagship hotel of the Oetker Collection, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa has been an oasis of luxury and outstanding hospitality in Baden-Baden.
Brenners park-hotel & spa
Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa offers sprawling views of its lush surrounds. Image: Courtesy Oetker Collection.

Set in a private park facing Lichtentaler Allee — the famous 3.5-km green avenue lined by flowering rhododendrons, alders, oaks, tulips, chestnut trees, among others, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is an iconic landmark in Germany’s Baden-Baden. Spread over an area of 5,000 sq m, across five storeys, the hotel stands tall in a valley in the Black Forest Mountains, with a calm River Oos babbling to its side.

Brenners park-hotel & spa
The iconic hotel has a long standing history of legendary hospitality service. Image: Courtesy Oetker Collection.

Sure, the aesthetic location of the Oetker Collection’s flagship property is enough to draw you in, but its long-standing history is what truly makes it special. That’s 15 decades of legendary hospitality, star-studded guest list, and holistic wellness offerings! Rooms and suites here are done in classic country-house style with iron balconies and large windows. Add to it a 500-sq-m sauna, plunge pool, private gym, and a Turkish hammam.

Brenners park-hotel & spa
One of the exquisite rooms at the historic hotel. Image: Courtesy Oetker Collection.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa has been a place of relaxation and diversion for the travelling elite since 1872. Since the very beginning, the grand hotel has remained in the hands of just two owning families. And this year, the ‘grande dame’ is all set to commemorate its 150th anniversary. In the foyer and the adjacent showcase room, a historical timeline and themed walls and displays invite visitors to engage with the charming history of the grand hotel. Through a window front, even strollers on Schillerstraße can easily take a look at the timeline!

Brenners park-hotel & spa
Take a chauffeured ride for a gourmet picnic in the Black Forest or visit a thermal spring to spend your day rejuvenating yourself. Image: Courtesy Oetker Collection.

As a pioneer of the grand hotel sector, it was Brenners that introduced the spa concept as well as culinary excellence to Germany. With the Villa Stéphanie, the adjacent 15-room spa mansion set in a Beaux-arts era building, the hotel further promises its guests treatments of a preventative and luxurious nature amidst serene surroundings. With 12 thermal springs bubbling 2,000 metres under the surface, UNESCO-listed heritage town of Baden-Baden is the ideal location for Brenners Par-Hotel & Spa.

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