‘Tis the season to enjoy mangoes with Bombay Sweet Shop’s Mango Vacation Collection

It’s summer, it’s mango season, school’s out. You don’t need another reason to devour Bombay Sweet Shop’s Mango Vacation Collection!
Feast on one of many mangolicious hampers courtesy bomay sweet shop.
Feast on one of many mangolicious hampers courtesy Bomay Sweet Shop.

You can say whatever you want about the summers, but they also bring the promise of juicy and oh so sweet mangoes. And of course, the Bombay Sweet Shop has managed to capitalise on the season and how! 

Take a trip down memory lane with Bombay Sweet Shop’s limited-edition Mango Vacation Collection. Available all through the season, these reimagined Indian sweets are as per the norm, a 100% vegetarian, hand-made, and preservative-free.

In the spirit of bringing back childhood memories, the brand has come up with an incredible assortment of classic as well as contemporary sweets. So you’ll find everything from a Mango Jim Jam Barfi and Mango Kheer Kadam to takes on the Mango Moti Paak, Mango Shrikhand, and more!

The new way to enjoy summer begins with the Mango Mithai Box, an assorted box of 9. The box features the delicious-sounding Mango Jim Jam Barfi, inspired by the classic Jim Jam biscuit. This indulgent treat comes as a mango peda filled with a gooey centre of sweet and tart raspberry jam. 


Next up, the lusciously layered Mango Kheer Kadam, which is essentially a soft rasgulla, encased in fudgy mango peda and rolled in flaky coconut. And finally, there’s the Moti Paak, a delicate motichoor boondi with a mango-pista kalakand. What’s more, if there’s something you like the most, you can get a single flavour box of 9 pieces! 

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of shrikhand? If shrikhand immediately takes you to your happy place, the Mango Shrikhand at Bombay Sweet Shop is made with fresh mango pulp and mango pieces. So every bite gives you the perfect balance of sweetness and charoli for a bit of crunch.

A fun take on childhood memories of jujubes comes in the form of season-appropriate Mango Tamarind Jujubes. Made with equal parts mango and tamarind, it’s the ultimate sweet and sour pick-me-up, making it the perfect summer snack.

Mango tamarind jujubes are the brand's way of celebrating the sourness as well as sweet nostalgia.
Mango Tamarind Jujubes are the brand’s way of celebrating the sourness as well as sweet nostalgia.

As the wedding plague continues to rage on impervious to climate or coronavirus, these sweet treats definitely make for statement gifts too. Or of course, there’s nothing better than some summertime indulgence. The Ultimate Mango Vacation Hamper will definitely bring back your fondest summer vacation memories! 

Featuring all of their limited-edition mango treats, this hamper comes with the Mango Mithai Box, Mango Shrikhand and Mango Tamarind Jujubes. Getting even bigger and better, the Mango Collection meets the Sweet Shop Classics in the Mango Care Package. The same is packed to the rafters with the Mango Mithai Box, Mango Tamarind Jujubes, and of course, the brand’s signature much-loved Choco Butterscotch Barks and Indian Cookies.

How much mango is too much mango? According to Bombay Sweet Shop, there’s clearly no such thing given their peti filled with mango surprises! Just open their Mango Peti, indulge in moments of sweetness, take a break from adulting and go on a true blue mango-cation. Whether you’d like to share a box of sunshine or savour it all by yourself, Bombay Sweet Shop’s juicy selection awaits!

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