Bisleri Vedica’s new campaign featuring brand ambassador Dino Morea is full of attitude

In promoting Bisleri Vedica’s beautiful glass bottle, Brand Ambassador Dino Morea champions a life #FullOfAttitude.
Bisleri vedica launches it's pristine new glass bottle with brand ambassador dino morea.
Bisleri Vedica launches it’s pristine new glass bottle with brand ambassador Dino Morea.

Rightly called the elixir of life, water is a key element to health and wellness no matter what your lifestyle is. Adding more value to the same, Bisleri Vedica is Himalayan Spring Water born out of a precious aquifer. 

With its right balance of minerals, alkalinity and therapeutic properties, Vedica acts as a much-needed calming influence to our stressful urban life.

So what does the perfect balance of water constitute? This naturally occurring water contains the right amounts of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Sulphates, and Bicarbonates. Which in turn lends this water a distinctly sweet flavour without an aftertaste. Vedica has a high pH of 7.9 (high alkalinity and low acidity), and thus works as a natural antacid. Moreover, it also goes the extra mile and removes harmful toxins from your system.

With bisleri vedica, the brand attempts to foray into the horeca market as a premium option.
With Bisleri Vedica, the brand attempts to foray into the HORECA market as a premium option.

What lends Vedica a premium feel is the hunt over aeons that resulted in its discovery. Over millions of years, Vedica made its way through the bedrock, before emerging as a spring in the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. Vedica’s underground geological origin and natural silica fortification bestow it with the blessing of being uncontaminated and free from any kind of microbial activity. Its low sodium content makes it perfect for those with high blood pressure and heart ailments. Vedica also carries with it the ancient secrets of nature to cleanse, restore and replenish your system. 

For bisleri vedica's latest campaign film, the brand chose dino morea to espouse their philosophy of a life #fullofattitude.
For Bisleri Vedica’s latest campaign film, the brand chose Dino Morea to espouse their philosophy of a life #FullOfAttitude.

So it’s truly the goodness of the Himalayas that you get in every drop. Catering to a premium segment, Vedica is here to embody a life #FullOfAttitude, or a premium life. All of these values resonated immediately with Brand Ambassador Dino Morea, who says, “Vedica is living well, having fun and being healthy. These are the values I have grown up with. I vividly remember working on an ad for Bisleri’s 500 ml bottle, early in my career. Therefore, I am thrilled to be the face of Vedica Himalayan Spring Water because it is a brand that resonates perfectly with my life and health goals, and I am glad to be a part of this adventure.”

This time around, the newly launched 750 ml glass bottle is where Vedica’s pristine hydration is now enshrined. Through an exquisitely crafted bottle, the brand attempts to foray into the HORECA market and be the principal water brand of choice to a discerning and epicurean audience in India’s premier fine dining restaurants and luxury hotel chains. Some of the locations you can expect to spot the Vedica Glass Bottle are The St Regis, Mumbai, The Leela Palaces, and many other luxury hotels. 

Check out the brand’s campaign film, that perfectly captures the essence of Bisleri Vedica through Dino Morea’s able hands. 

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