Stir your wanderlust with the best travel books of 2021!

From a detailed guide to sustainable travel to epic journeys across the world and everything in between — we round up the most inspiring travel books of 2021.

If there’s one thing that can transport you to the most epic places on Earth, other than travel itself, it is travel books. Taking you along on adventurous literary journeys, these best travel books of 2021 can be whatever you wish them to be — an inspiration for your next impromptu vacation, a source for your armchair trip, or your most favourite companion on the move!

Epic Train Journeys: The Inside Track to the World’s Greatest Rail Routes

Monisha Rajesh

Epic train journeys e1637582352362

Nothing romanticises a vacation more than a scenic train journey. Think speeding on tracks, snaking their way through steep valleys and vast open expanses, offering breathtaking vistas that tend to change with every passing moment! And who knows better about train trips that British author Monisha Rajesh, whose award-winning 2019 book Around the World in 80 Trains: A 45,000-Mile Adventure is still a best seller! Now available in stands and online stores in the US and India, her latest is a coffee-table book with spellbinding photos that present 50 legendary routes inspired by her extensive voyages over the years, including the likes of a high-speed train linking Beijing and Shanghai and the Jazz Night Express from Rotterdam to Berlin. Buy here.

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Sustainable Travel: The Essential Guide to Positive-Impact Adventures

Holly Tuppen

Sustainable travels e1637582442499

Sustainable travel expert Holly Tuppen believes that travel experiences, hotels, and destinations that have a positive impact on local lives, community, indigenous culture, and the environment always surpass those that don’t. Simply put, travel can be a major force in saving the world. And her debut book deep dives to prove the same notion, highlighting the underlying causes of climate change and, in the process, helping travellers tackle the issues on their own journeys. Buy here.

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Journey to Impossible Places: In Life and Every Adventure

Simon Reeve

Journeys to impossible places e1637582157432

Fasten your seatbelt, for this one will take you on a real rollercoaster ride! An autobiography by renowned British author and adventurer Simon Reeve, Journeys to Impossible Places picks up right from where his last release Step-by-Step left off. Reeve delves into his travels across the world from the Sahara Desert to the Galápagos, and more, discovering the most impossible places to get to! Get a glimpse of the behind-the-scene actions of his thrilling adventures, experiences, and personal struggles. But more than anything else, learn from the book the art of taking risks and embracing all that life has to offer. Buy here.

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Camping Road Trips: France and Germany

Caroline Mills

Camping road trips e1637582535687

Considering how campervanning is getting more popular among travellers with each passing day, especially in the post-COVID times, this one has just arrived in time. The book is a selection of 30 handpicked adventurous journeys from France and Germany that one could take in a campervan, motorhome, or basically, any set of wheels when you head out for camping. Packed with practical advice, tempting photographs, and inspirational itineraries, it takes you through France’s first ever signposted route following Napoleon’s trek through the Alps, the Bertha Benz Memorial Route, the Gorges du Verdon or the grand canyon of France, Dordogne’s annual strawberry festival, and much more. Buy here.

The Gardens of Mars: Madagascar, an Island Story

John Gimlette

Gardens of mars e1637582636134

Along with exploring its fantastical landscapes, rich biodiversity and isolated tribes, John Gimlette, through this thoughtful compilation, also journeys deep into Madagascar’s fascinating past. Did you know, over 90 per cent of the world’s fourth largest island’s exotic flora and fauna are endemic and can be found nowhere else in the world? Or that the first of Malagasy people travelled here 10,000 years ago all the way from the other side of the Indian ocean from Borneo, some 3,700 miles away? The award-winning writer lifts the lid from many such interesting facts, as he talks about this extraordinary land and its extraordinary inhabitants. Buy here.

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Park Life: Around the World in 50 Parks

Tom Chesshyre

Park life e1637582732809

Take a stroll through 50 of the world’s most loved urban green spaces and a passionate celebration of their value in our lives! With 10 travel books under his name, Tom Chesshyre revisits his favourite parks from Richmond Park in South West London, West Potomac Park in Washington DC, to Zizhuyuan Purple Bamboo Park in Beijing and Al Morgan Family Park in Khartoum, Sudan, through his latest. Expect historical facts, humour, and great fondness for urban parks that will make you appreciate the green spaces around you even more. Buy here.

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