Get your kick of caffeine with Araku’s latest launches

New specialty coffee flavours, special Cascara Bon Bons, and a pocket sized brew are just some of the exciting new things up Araku’s sleeve.

Having made a name for themselves in the world of coffee and all things cafe, Araku is far from done. Exclusively using coffee beans hand-picked by farmers in the Araku valley and roasted to perfection, the brand is synonymous with flavourful caffeine. 

That being said, they’re levelling up, and all set to hit the markets with their newest launches. From all new specialty coffee flavours to pocket sized single serves of coffee, Araku’s got all your coffee needs covered. Their Cascara Bon Bon’s have also been created as the perfect complement to your cuppa, making this a holistic experience. 

Explore an all new range of flavours designed to redefine and elevate the perfect cup of coffee, with Araku. 

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Araku Early Harvest

If you like your coffees medium to light bodied with a strong aroma, early harvest by araku is for you!
If you like your coffees medium to light bodied with a strong aroma, Early Harvest by Araku is for you!

Harvested in October 2021, Araku’s finest new specialty coffee offering is a medium-bodied explosion of flavours. Early Harvest is made with the season’s first harvest of coffee cherries. With its berry, citrus and herbaceous notes, this coffee is for connoisseurs who like a light-bodied coffee with intense aromas. 

Available as whole beans or freshly ground, each soft pack weighs 250 gm. The profile of Early Harvest means you get to enjoy what is the true caffeine embodiment of springtime. Their honest and transparent harvesting process ensures a sip of delightfully fresh and smooth coffee every time. Such is the attention to detail, that Araku roasts your coffee beans only post ordering to ensure absolute freshness and robust flavours.

Brewing Process 

  • Best enjoyed hand-brewed, with a Chemex, V60 or French Press. Use a drip medium grind with 1:10 brew ratio. 
  • Preheat your brewing vessel and filter cone, grind fresh, when possible, brew and drink fresh. Pair it with a buttery fruit tart or pain au chocolat.

Cascara Bon Bons

Zero waste and 75% dark chocolate? These bon bons by araku as indulgent without the guilt!
Zero waste and 75% dark chocolate? These bon bons by Araku as indulgent without the guilt!

Coffee and bon bons? Why not, with Araku’s latest Cascara Bon Bons to accompany a stellar cuppa. These zero-waste treats, featuring 75% dark chocolate, make use of an underrated coffee by-product: cascara. The sweet treat is also a small nod to circularity in the food system, and the regenerative agricultural practices we practice in Araku.

Freshly handcrafted at Araku Café in Bangalore, these ready-to-eat bon bons are neatly packaged in tins and can be shipped to select cities across India. A single tin weighing 200 gm contains 16 vegan + gluten-free cascara bon bons. 

Pocket Brew

Designed for coffee drinkers on the go, these araku pocket brews are easy in process and complex on the palate.
Designed for coffee drinkers on the go, these Araku Pocket Brews are easy in process and complex on the palate.

As the name suggests, these single-serve coffee packs combine the speed of an instant brew with the quality of Araku’s specialty coffee. As the name suggests, these drip bag sachets fit any pocket or purse and offer an extremely portable coffee. 

Each sachet is packaged individually and nitrogen-flushed to maintain the coffee’s integrity and freshness. No matter what time of day or where you are, nothing should come in the way of you and a good cup of coffee

Of their existing array of coffees, the Araku Micro Climate Pocket Brew and Araku Selection Pocket Brew are available in the Pocket Brew options. Distinguished by their terroir and flavour profile, these are the perfect blends for a pick-me-up while on the go.

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