Angaar brings to Kolkata the finest of Peshawari and Awadhi dining experiences

It’s a royal affair under the stars at Angaar, JW Marriott Kolkata with the finest selection of food and beverages against the sounds of live music
Mushroom ki galouti is one of many signature appetizers at angaar to whet your appetite
Mushroom ki Galouti is one of many signature appetizers at Angaar to whet your appetite

The newly launched seasonal winter outlet Angaar by Alfresco located in the confines of JW Marriott Kolkata is a royal expedition if there ever was one. With a unique old-world charm and spacious open air seating, the restaurant offers an authentic Awadhi dining experience to its patrons. 

Translating to fire or flames, Angaar finds its inspiration from the times when Afghan invaders enjoyed grilling fresh meat on fire straight on their swords. The Indian medieval history vibes don’t end there, with some musical accompaniment always at hand. 

Apart from the classics, patrons can enjoy techno and progressive music as well. On the renowned ‘curated weekends’ there’s also plenty of live musical gigs to witness. From the ambience to the finer details, everything at Angaar has been designed to create a royal experience for guests. 

The skewered and chargrilled paneer is a delicious seekh option for vegetarians
The Skewered and Chargrilled Paneer at Angaar is a delicious seekh option for vegetarians and non-vegetarians looking to explore

But the essence of a restaurant is only as impactful as the plate in front of you. A prominent feature on Peshawari menus, the kebabs at Angaar come from various regions. Having a rich heritage across decades and regions, kebabs are loved by all for their universal delicious appeal. The restaurant brings an impeccable array of these delectable kebabs cooked with Lucknawi spices using traditional Awadhi slow cooking techniques. 

Scoring high on the must-try list, Angaar’s kebab offerings include buttery tenets of succulent appetizers like Kakori Kebab, Nawabi Murgh Tikka, and Mutton Galouti Kebab that are excellent options for non-vegetarians. A vegetarian and equally delicious alternative is the Mushroom ki Galouti, pan seared mushrooms with aromatic spices, cashew nuts, and saffron. There’s also the Mewe aur Mawe ki seekh and the Paneer Seekh for those looking to explore kebabs outside the traditional world of meat.

Prawn kebabs served whole on the skewer at angaar are a visual and delicious treat
Prawn kebabs served whole on the skewer at Angaar are a visual and delicious treat

Like other finger licking good meat chains we know, Angaar too possesses a closely guarded recipe. It’s a harmonious blend of spices, as Awadhi food does not use a lot of masalas, milk or nuts. And there’s a lot for vegetarians to look forward to as well, a hot plate of paneer kebabs to soothe the winter ache. 

As the guests embark on a culinary sojourn, they can witness a symphony of aromatics with exquisite picks such as Raan-E-Dum, Peshawari Murgh Tikka, and Tandoori Baby Bekti to name a few. The assortment of items on the menu have been curated such that the guest experiences the complete confluence of authentic age-old recipes handed down through generations and perfected by the culinary maestros. 

Inspite of championing heritage Peshawari and Awadhi cuisine at Angaar, the restaurant has certainly kept up with food trends. The need for a quick kick without actually drinking appears to have made alcohol-infused desserts quite a hit, especially in the age of the ‘gram. 

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Rum in gulab jamun? Just one of some decadent desserts at angaar
Rum in gulab jamun? Just one of some decadent desserts at Angaar

On the menu, this has translated into a gamut of wonderful flavour combinations consisting of alcoholic spirits, liqueurs, and flavours. Exquisite signature desserts like the Flambéed Brandy custard with gingerbread and chocolate, and the Baileys Kheer Doughnut are equal parts exciting and indulgent, making for some sinfully delicious confectionaries to choose.

Angaar brings to the food connoisseurs of the city the finest selection of dishes from Awadhi and Peshawari cuisine, enveloping one into its hearty and flavourful expanse. While the food menu is quite extravagant and expansive, the drinks are hardly far off. 

A list of exotic concoctions at Angaar typically includes the Elder Whiskey Sour, Penicillin, Lavender Gin, Caprioska, and Smokey Ice Chai to name a few. It’s the Johnnie Aloobukhar-e-Sherbat that decidedly steals the show. The drink is an amalgamation of local and seasonal flavors like Himalayan tea and honey, jaggery, and plum with spirits.

An ode to the Peshawari and Awadhi cuisine, a meal at Angaar this winter is sure to make for a memorable gourmet experience.

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