All about Thai drinks

There is a lot more to Thai drinks than meets the eye. While beer and whiskey rule, wine is slowly climbing the popularity charts. Sarthak Mathur, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, explains

Soy X Neung Roi at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport hotel is one of the most popular Thai restaurants in the capital and Sarthak Mathur, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager, tells us all about Thai drinks in this interview. Since Thai food is spicy, people prefer their drinks a little sweeter, and hence, he says, they usually have whiskey with chilled Coca-Cola and ice. 

Beer goes hand in hand with Thai street food and is consumed liberally in the country. The Thai versions of iced tea and coffee made using condensed milk are also popular. Cocktails may seem the usual ones but they pack an extra kick from local herbs and fruits like kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass and passionfruit to even locally grown tea, coffee and coconut milk. 

Do you know which wine to pair with Thai food? Watch this interview with Sarthak Mathur to understand all about the drinks that are the perfect accompaniments to a Thai meal and get to know how locals drink in that country.

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