Aditya Ghosh turns restaurateur with Chourangi in London

Aditya Ghosh has teamed up with childhood friend Anjan Chatterjee of Oh! Calcutta to launch an authentic Bengali restaurant—Chourangi—in London
Chourangi restaurant in marylebone will bring authentic bengali flavours to london
Chourangi in Marylebone will bring authentic Bengali flavours to London

Before you ask, yes, there is luchi and kosha mangsho on the menu. For, how can any self-respecting Bengali restaurant not have this iconic combo? 

Aditya Ghosh has had an illustrious career in the travel and hospitality industries, first as chief of Indigo Airlines and then in a leadership position at OYO. Most recently he has partnered with Rakesh Jhunjhunwala for the upcoming Akasa Air. With Chourangi he is fulfilling a personal passion to bring, in his words, “unexplored tastes of Calcutta to London”. His partner in this culinary coup is childhood friend Anjan Chatterjee, whose Speciality Restaurants boasts such names as Mainland China and Oh! Calcutta. The dishes have been personally curated by Anjan Chatterjee. 

Chourangi is at 3, Old Quebec Street in Marylebone, a chic residential area littered with upscale boutiques and stylish restaurants. The interiors are by Steve LaBouchardiere of DesignLSM. LaBouchardiere has previously worked with Taj Hotels and Indian Accent. Calcutta is clearly the inspiration, with photographs of the city’s icons, from Satyajit Ray to Coffee House and Victoria Memorial. There is artwork as well, by the contemporary painter Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh. The striking iron grills are reminiscent of the Bengal Club while the furniture is predominantly rattan and wicker. 

The interiors are by steve labouchardiere of designlsm
The interiors are by Steve LaBouchardiere of DesignLSM

Some classic dishes from Oh! Calcutta are more than likely to make an appearance on the menu, like the popular dak bungalow chicken. The ilish (hilsa) is being sourced from Bangladesh and, by all accounts, there is not going to be any compromise on the authenticity of the flavours. 

There will also be a Calcutta tiffin service in the afternoons, with delicious offerings like the kathi roll and dimer devil (which, interestingly, is a riff on the British Scotch eggs). 

Chef Jolly (Surjan Singh), who has been a judge on MasterChef India, is helming the kitchen at Chourangi. The 70-seater restaurant would have opened earlier but the pandemic delayed everything. It is currently doing private tasting sessions as it gets ready for a September 30 opening. 

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