12 Indian single malt whiskies for your year-end bar stock-up 

Make a splash this Christmas and New Year with 12 Indian single malt whiskies that will make your party a smooth success.

Indian single malt whisky
Gear up for your christmas and new year celebrations with Indian single malt whiskies that will bring extra cheer to your party. Image: Shutterstock/mikhaylovskiy.
It’s party time! With Christmas and New Year eve celebrations jostling for space on your calendar, it’s time for you to prep for your party. Start with stocking up from our list of 12 Indian single malt whiskies that will ensure a high note for your festivities.
  1. Kamet Single Malt Whisky

    Kamet whisky 1
    Kamet Single Malt Whisky
    Kamet — India’s premium single malt whisky that comes from a distillery in Kurukshetra —has been distilled using six row barley which is indigenous to parts of Northern India and the only place in the world where it is used commercially for malt whisky. Another unique factor is that Kamet is aged in a combination of ex-American Bourbon Oak, ex-French Wine Oak, and ex-Sherry Casks. It is then non-chill filtered and has no added colour. Notes
      • Nose: Delivers a vinous fruity profile with oaky spicy notes. Complemented with vanilla, caramel and subtle raisins, nutty and sweet dark chocolate to top it off.
      • Taste: Lively entry with vinous fruitiness and a spicy vibrancy. Vanilla notes exhibit a melted concoction of fresh and dried fruit notes. Subtle hints of oaky vanilla, spice, and dark chocolate linger in its depths.
      • Finish: A long warm complex nutty finish with balanced dry and sherried sweetness linger on the palate with spicy oak and tannins to provide added zest.
  2. Amrut Kurinji Single Malt Whisky

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    Amrut kurinji primage
    Amrut Kurinji Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy Amrut Kurinji.
    This floral and fruity whisky is inspired by the purple-blue Kurinji flower that blooms once every 12 years. Kurinji, presented by Amrut, is a single malt eponymously sourced from a Kurinji and exhibits traits that uniquely spring from the locale. The floral, fruity whisky is inspired by the purple-blue Kurinji flower that blooms once every 12 years — 2022 is one such year — in the Western Ghats. India will get 8,100 bottles out of the total production of 16,000 bottles. Select tasting sessions conduct by Amrut has evoked descriptions such as “opens with sweet floral wafts of jasmine and honeysuckle”; “glides through the palate with a syrupy texture, triggering mini explosions of spice along the way; and “warm ginger and white pepper finish”. Sip it and you get a scent of oak… A subtle and soft play for your palate. Notes
      • Nose: Floral and flowery notes with pear and melon, muscovado sugar, vanilla with an oak tone and a bit of toffee too.
      • Taste: Honey and sherbet transcending to peat and melon with a very floral middle ground.
      • Finish: Sweet and floral, with a dusting of cracked pepper.
  3. Amrut Fusion XI Single Malt Whisky

    Amrut fusion xi single malt whisky
    Amrut Fusion XI Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy notabledistinction.com
    Homegrown brand Amrut boasts a range of smooth drams, having pioneered the single malt revolution in India. Their limited-edition Fusion XI (Eleven) is a nod to over 12 years of their flagship single malt – Fusion. It’s also a tribute to the father of Indian single malts and their former Chairman and Managing Director, late Neelakanta Rao Jagdale. This one-of-a-kind expression is a combination of their 12-years-old, 10-years-old, 9-years-old, and 7-years-old single malt whiskies. This special edition of Fusion XI is a concoction of different barrels, and reveals the depth and complexity of this finest single malt whisky. This release is limited to 1000 bottles worldwide. Notes
      • Nose: An array of bananas, peaches, green apples, and vanilla.
      • Taste: Peated in port pipe and ex-bourbon, each sip has fruity notes. You’ll note hints of toffee, lemongrass, and smoke.
    • Finish: Long and smooth as silk.
  4. Paul John Bold Single Malt Whisky

    Paul john bold single malt whisky
    Paul John Bold Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy pauljohnwhisky.com
    Following their Edited release, Bold is a fully peated single malt from Paul Distilleries. Peat is brought over to Goa from Islay for Bold, where it is used to dry their six-row Indian barley. Bold is a journey that leads you down the unexplored, unchartered terrains of Goa. This expression invites you to leave the trail, tread the path less taken, and plunge headlong into the delicious depths of Goa. Discerning ones should gravitate to the Paul John Bold, for its Manuka honey nose, peaty tones and smoked mocha finish. Notes
      • Nose: After the slightest whiff of smoke, a dizzying array of Manuka honey, prickly spice and bourboneque red liquorice takes over.
      • Taste: This melt-in-the-mouth malt feels sublimely silky and studded with oak-like honey. You are surprised by a hefty second wave of spice, followed by a cloudy, smoky feel that coats the roof of the mouth and leaves a tidal wave of dry molasses, peaty soot, and a degree of copper in its wake.
    • Finish: Bold has a light finish with a tinge of copper slowly making its presence known. You can also sense a gorgeous smoked mocha shaped by delicate and intricate spices.
  5. Rampur Select Single Malt Whisky

    Rampur select single malt whisky
    Rampur Select Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy rampursinglemalt.com
    Indulge in the rich Indian heritage and enduring traditions of the Maharajas. Aged in the foothills of the Himalayas, this exquisite whisky is a winner of many international awards including the Double Gold Medal at World Wine & Spirits Award San Francisco, USA. Notes
      • Nose: Originated at Rampur Distillery, this exquisite whisky bears fruity and spicy notes, with a hint of vanilla and caramel.
      • Taste: Discover the aromas and flavours that reflect the essence of a long Indian summer.
    • Finish: Warm, appealing, long finish. Generous and rewarding.
  6. Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky

    Amrut fusion single malt whisky
    Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy amrutdistilleries.com
    Fusion is a particularly apt name for this fantastic single malt whisky from Amrut. It is made with barley grown in India — where the Amrut Distillery can be found — as well as peated barley from Scotland. A smashing whisky, it offers generous helpings of fresh fruit, honey, spice, and a good whiff of smoke. Notes
      • Nose: Heavy, thickly oaked, and complex, seductively gentle.
      • Taste: A controlled delivery, with smoke on the nose turning into a warming, full blown peat; barley-fruitiness; a really intense chocolate fudge middle.
    • Finish: The sweetness of molasses sees the malt through to a satisfying end; the spices make themselves known with each satisfying sip.
  7. Indri Trini Single Malt Whisky

    Indri single malt indian whisky
    Indri Single Malt Indian Whisky. Image: Courtesy indri.in
    An Indian single malt from Indri, Trini has been matured in a combination of ex-bourbon, ex-wine, and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. Matured with care since 2010, Indri Trini is cultivated using old indigenous practices that rely on organic and sustainable methods. The Sanskrit word Indriya or Indris also refers to the senses. From its pleasant, golden, amber colour, to the nutty depth of flavour from burnt pineapple, citrus, and raisins, Indri tantalizes your senses. Notes
      • Nose: Gentle and mellow, with black tea, caramelized pineapple, oak, vanilla, honey, raisin, and sweet cherry.
      • Taste: Smooth and warm. Gently spiced, woody, nutty, a slowly deepening, full-mouthed feel.
    • Finish: Earthy and subtle, velvety, with a complex long-lasting warmth.​
  8. Paul John Oloroso Single Malt Whisky

    Paul john oloroso single malt whisky
    Paul John Oloroso Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy pauljohnwhisky.com
    This unpeated Indian single malt has enjoyed a finishing period in Oloroso sherry casks, and offers a wealth of dried fruit and baking spice notes. A limited edition of the Indian single malt from the sunny Goan coasts, Oloroso presents an aromatic tapestry of complex yet gorgeously weighted fragrances, from toasted honeycomb to figs and a touch of dry raisin. Matured for three years in American bourbon barrels and finished in sherry casks for four years, its creamy flavours offer a delectable blend of barley with grape. The intense sherry richness towards the end, gives this rare whisky its name. The finish is long and luxuriously spiced, with a cocoa tinged vanilla. This aromatic tapestry is a wholesome Goan experience, packed into every sip. Notes
      • Nose: Complex and gorgeously weighted, with toasted honeycomb, dry resin, dates, figs, and apricot.
      • Taste: Magnificent mix of barley and grape, sweet and creamy, intense richness of sherry in the end.
    • Finish: Long and luxurious, with pulsing vanilla-cocoa mix and a build-up of spices.
  9. Godawan Single Malt Whisky

    Godawan single malt whisky
    Godawan Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy diageoindia.com
    Godawan positions India as the haven of quality single malts on a global map and sets a new benchmark for sustainable and conscious Indian luxury. The heat of over 37.778°C combined with six-row barley that requires lesser water, helps create a whisky with an incredible depth of flavour, and a rich and complex character. A whisky with incredible depths of flavour, it is further enhanced by finishing in special casks selectively curated with Indian botanicals. Ideal if you’re looking for a full-bodied homegrown with a flavour profile that rings of Indian herbs and nuances. Notes
      • Nose: Casks previously steeped in twolocal botanicals — Rasna and Jatamansi — give Godawan a ‘unique spice note’.
      • Taste: Incredible depth of flavour, and a rich and complex character.
    • Finish: A rich dram with a stunning taste profile, with hints of spice, wood, flowers, and fruits.
  10. Paul John Peated Select Cask Single Malt Whisky

    Paul john select single malt whisky
    Paul John Select Single Malt Whisky. Image: Courtesy pauljohnwhisky.com
    Peated whisky from the Paul John range of single malts produced in Goa, this particular expression was matured in ex-bourbon barrels before being bottled at cask strength without chill filtration. Unexpected flavours balance each other, offering the perfect tipple. A prime example of the gorgeous whisky distilleries in India are producing. Notes
      • Nose: The smoky, sweet, and earthy fragrances have mellow resonances of spice.
      • Taste: As the crisp Muscovado and Demerara sugars create layered nuances, the smokiness of the Single Malt sets in, creating a perfect balance. A hint of spice radiates from the hickory and Dominican-style cocoa.
    • Finish: The delicate finish of this Single Malt has notes of Dominican cocoa laced with the tart edge of marmalade.
  11. J&B Rare Scotch Whisky

    J&b rare scotch whisky
    J&B Rare Scotch Whisky. Image: Courtesy jbscotch.com
    One of the biggest names in the blending market, with over six million cases a year sold worldwide, the Justerini & Brooks blend is a creation that has defied whisky conventions with its surprising flavours. A go-to for whisky fans across the globe, J&B Rare is perfect for those who enjoy a classic whisky taste with a modern twist. This smooth Scotch is great on the rocks or neat, and is also versatile enough to be used in cocktails. It is an affordable option that delivers on taste and quality. Notes
      • Nose: Medium-bodied with hints of walnut, toffee apples, cedar wood, orange zest, and malt.
      • Taste: Balanced, with a little toffee and malt.
    • Finish: Medium finish with oak and cinnamon.
  12. Woodburns Single Malt Whisky – A Tale of Oak

    Woodburns single malt whisky
    Woodburns Single Malt Whisky.
    A limited-edition, single malt whisky Woodburns: A Tale of Oak is a 250-bottle exclusive, single malt whisky crafted at Fullarton Distilleries. It is a single malt that sees no additives, is non-chill filtered, and comes with an ex-bourbon cask finish. This single malt is a rare, all-Indian spirit, crafted with the forethought and foresight deserved by the contemporary Indian whisky drinker. Notes
      • Nose: Candied red fruits, sherry reminiscent.
      • Taste: Opening notes of sweet fruit and oaky vanilla. Well-rounded mouthfeel with robust notes of piquant sweet spice and pleasant oiliness.
    • Finish: Dry lingering finish, with a perceived sweetness and notes of liquorice and mace flower.
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